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Access Control


#1 Access Control Security Systems

United Force Security  offers the most comprehensive security solution in the USA. We install and set up access systems for major businesses looking to upgrade their security. If you’re a business looking to monitor the access of your employees, we can help. We are aware that dealing with access control systems can be somewhat intimidating. This is because there are quite a few technical terms to consider and understand. Since everyone in the organization must know how the access control system works, it’s necessary to train them on how to use them properly. It is also necessary to make sure the access control system is properly installed in every location where it is necessary.


The first things any organization should know about, even before they begin the installation are the following


Everyone, especially installers, should know all the pieces of the access control system and how they work together.

Who Has Access

Every organization should know why they chose a particular access control system, who has access and why they have access.


 Every organization should know how much their access control system costs and know how it fits into their mission.

Setup and Operation

Organizations should make sure the access control system you choose is working properly and is set up and operated to its greatest benefit.

What is an Access Control System?

Put simply; an access control system is anything that allows an organization to manage, monitor and maintain who has access to various internal systems. The simplest access control system is a deadbolt lock with only those you want to have access receiving a key. While that technology is now about 4,000 years old, our advanced technological age offers many other options for controlled access, including computer-based electronic access control systems, which prevent unauthorized people from entering your building or workspace.

These days, an access control system can control access to almost anything, including certain computer files, or it can restrict access to workstations or printers. Such a system can also control access to certain offices or any secured areas of your building, including conference rooms and storage facilities. The standard form of access control tends to be the use of an “access card,” which takes the place of a key these days. With the access card programmed accordingly, you can restrict, monitor and control access to only those employees who you feel should have access to specific areas. It also allows the organization to control costs, by monitoring who did what when and for how long. For example, if someone is using the copy machine to copy entire books, you will know who was doing so and when, and how many copies they made.